Buying with confidence January 30, 2023

Horrible Real Estate Advice: Buyer Edition

Buying your dream home can be a very intimidating process due to the large sum of money needed to get there. Here is a little tip to help you get there… Use real estate to help give you the funds you need to buy that dream home! A lot of home owners you see upgrading and upsizing homes to get their dream homes often rely on equity built over time to get there.

What is equity? Equity is the difference between what you on your home versus its current market value, or in short terms,  what you could get for your home if you were to sell in today’s market.
Most second or third time home buyer’s use this equity that they’ve built up overtime to help them have a larger down payment for their next home. This can help them afford a home at a higher price point which allows them to then upgrade and upsize their homes.

 Have any further questions on how you can leverage real estate to help you afford your dream home? I’d love to talk to you more about all of the options that you may have!